Validate Responsiveness of Your Website

If you are developing your website and want to make sure that it should run on all Screen Resolution (i.e. to validating Responsiveness of your Website).

I have found a wonderful website to check your website online on almost all kind of screen resolutions.

The Website name is Responsinator.

You have to just input your URL and you will see your website in all resolutions.

Attached are few screenshots of my websites.




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Appearing for Job Interview

Are you going Job Interview? If yes, then here are few point needs to be taken care of.
Resume matching your Skill sets:
Your resume should talk only about your technical skills you have actually worked on adding multiple technologies will help you in getting call but it will not guarantee you in clearing the Interviews also you will go with doubt. And doubt is going increase the percentage of your disqualification from the Interview.
Research about the employer:
Go through the employer website, it will help you understanding what kind of work company is doing and where you are going to fit there. Also you will get few points for asking questions.
Prepare for Common Interview Questions:
Prepare yourself with Common interviews Questions apart from technical questions.
Common question are:
  • Why you want change the Job?
  • Why you? Why not others?
  • If you have switched many companies, then be prepared to answer, why so many Job changes?
  • What is your strength or Weakness?
  • What qualities do you have?
  • What makes you upset at work? How do you handle these situations?
  • Do you consider yourself successful?
  • Tell me a moment which you have done (Related to your Job only :) ) and you feel proud of that?
There are so many question, I will try to come up with new article with all these questions and Answers soon.
Sharpen Your skills:
Sharpen your understanding on basics concepts and other skill set as per your Resume. I Worked for Software industry, so I can give example in that perspective.
  • OOps Concepts.
  • Basic understanding of different data structures.
  • Practice for solving some small problem, because few companies ask problem for qualifying Interviews. You can practice for such problems from Codility or Hacker Rank There are N number of sites you just need to google it around.
Better Understanding of your Project/Assignments:
Before appearing for interviews, You must have better understanding about your recent Project/Assignments.
Following questions can be asked on Projects:
  • Functional side of your Project?
  • Architecture of your application, Explain the Architecture?
  • What Technology stacks? Why you have used certain technology in your Project.
  • • What different Design patterns you have used in your Project? Why and how it is solving the Business problem in your project etc.
Be on Time:
Be there on time before 10-15 min of the scheduled time. Don't be so early also because it can disturb Interviewer schedule.
Well Dressed:
Prefer going in formal. Some companies follow casual as well, If you are going in casual make sure you are not in very casual :).
Confidant and Enthusiastic:
Be Confident and Answer question with enthusiastically. Make sure you are not over enthusiasts.
Answer specific to the Question:
Your answer must be specific to the question, try answering with example. But don't try to over exaggerate your answer. Make sure that your answer is not going very long.
Ask Questions:
If given chance for asking any question, make sure you are asking some questions.
You can ask Following Questions:
  • Is this discussion is specific to any Project?
  • What technology stacks you are using in your Project?
  • What will be my role in this Project?
  • What is your expectation for me in first 30 days?
  • How generally you/organization evaluate new Joiner? etc.
Work on your communication. Work on tricky questions.
Keep Reading and Keep learning.
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Delicious the bookmarking site

Friends, just want to share an information with you about bookmarking site (Delicious). It's a veryful useful site for bookmarking any site you have visited and found useful which you want to refer later.

Benifits of using bookmarking site

Generally when we browse for certain information and found it useful we bookmark that on computer for later reference. But what if your computer crashed, now what, you lost your bookmarked.
So this bookmarking site or any other site help you to access your finding anywhere any time provided you have Internet connectivity :)
Go and signup for Delicious and start using it.
You can use Mobile apps as well Delicious App
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Renewing Indian Passport in USA

I recently renewed my Indian passport in USA, so I thought I should share this information with you guys. Renewing Indian passport in USA is very easy process and you will get your renewed passport within 15-30 days.

Steps for renewing your passport:

  1. Go to you will see following options on the home page.
  2. For new application click on Get Started link. You have to just follow the instructions to complete the form.
  3. The center of application submission will change based on your current location. For example in my case I was in Ohio State, so my application submission location was NewYork.
  4. During the process of form completion you will get a Web Reference ID, Please save that Id which you can use for accessing already filled Application form through “Already Filled” link.
  5. After completing the form from this website, you can do the online payment which will cost you $137 something including FedX delivery charges.
  6. You have to fill NRI verification form as well, you will get different reference ID for that. Please save that for accessing the already filled application form.
  7. After completing the form, you will get the instructions for list of documents to be sent to the office along with your Original passport.
  8. While sending the documents, make sure that the copy I797 is Notarized. They accept only Notarized copy of any Xerox copy of the documents you are sending.
  9. You also need 6 copy of 2x2 passport size photos, If you are in India please get it from there. Because here in US it is very costly $12 for two copy of photos.
  10. Make sure you have taken the print of Fedx receipt, paid online.


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